About iran

Iran, also called Persia, is located in western Asia with a population of approximately 83 million.
The capital is Tehran.Iran is the second largest country in the middle east.There are seven countries that Iran shares border with.
Iran’s Northern borders are with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The western borders are with Turkey and Iraq. To the east lie Afghanistan and Pakistan
It has the Caspian Sea (The biggest lake in the world) in the north and the Persian Gulf and the gulf of Oman in the south




Iran is one of the unique four-season countries in the world .The climate is incredibly diverse, ranging from arid to tropical (climate).However, not all parts of Iran experience all the four seasons. A large part of Iran suffers great extreames of heat and cold between summer and winter




Iran’s rich culture is reflected in its more than 20 UNESCO world heritage sites, the 11th world Largest collection

People choose every trip destination for a reason such as glorious landmarks, spectacular nature, special culture, etc. Iran has them all
! The country has various landmarks and natural wonders due to its history and geographical status. So it has something to offer for almost everyone, no matter who they are and what they like. Moreover, Iranian people have a high sense of hospitality, especially in borderline cities and villages. In addition, the new payment system in Iran, Mah Card, makes things much easier for tourists. Mah Card is an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for tourists and temporary visitors. These qualities make Iran a perfect destination, despite what most people think based on international propaganda and political decisions. Limited time and variety of the must-see places in Iran makes your decisions more delicate and strategical. So in order to make better decisions, you should know your fields of interest and then you should start planning. We have tried to provide a list of the most beautiful places in Iran, which includes almost famous historical and natural places. The list can also help you to realize the variety of your choices in Iran and match them with your fields of interest while every mentioned place is a sample of a type


Espinas Palace Hotel

Standing proudly in the north of Tehran, Espinas Palace Hotel, a hidden gem and a peaceful heaven, exudes the elegant ambiance of a real luxury hotel. Espinas Palace mixes the ... continue